New Focus Textiles, Ltd.

Custom Woven Fabric development for apparel brands

textile design and innovation with circular collections

Explore our custom woven fabric development services and seasonal fabric collections for apparel brands.  Natural, recycled, and circular fibers can elevate your brand’s apparel collections with more innovative novelty weaves and thoughtful materials.  

custom fabric design service

From concept to finished fabric or garment fulfilment, New Focus Textiles full-service in-house team will manage all of your textile needs.  Our Hong Kong team is fluent in English and Chinese with decades of experience working directly with US, EU, and Asia companies.  Our team provides custom-made CAD artwork, merchandise services,  and production for yarn-dye, piece-dye, and digital print custom fabric developments.

Seasonal woven Fabric Collections

  • Quick Response Digital Print and Piece-Dye Collections (2 weeks bulk)
  • Seasonal Trend Novelty Yarn-Dye and Digital Print Fabric Collections
  • Cotton and Natural Fibers Fabric Collections
  • Circular Fabric Collections
    • GRS-Certified Recycled Cotton Fabric Collections 
    • Recycled Materials Fabric Collections
    • ECOVERO™ REFIBRA™ Fabric Collections
  • LENZING™ TENCEL™ Fabric Collections
  • Closed-Loop Fabric Upcycling Developments & On-going Programs

woven fabric collections

GRS-Certified Recycled Cotton FABRIC Collections

The beauty of natural cotton blended with recycled cotton is highlighted with refined weaving techniques.  Specifically, fabrics are developed using GRS-certified recycled cotton with traceable/US virgin cotton.  Furthermore, we invite you to explore our recycled cotton fabric supply chain processes to understand the process for our circular woven fabric development.

LENZING™ REFIBRA fabric collections
ecovero™ fiber with refibra™ technology

New Focus updates our circular fabric collections using the LENZING™ family of circular viscose fibers.  Indeed, our newest sustainable woven fabric collections incorporate ECOVERO™ viscose with REFIBRA™ in our circular woven fabrics collection because REFIBRA™ contains 20% recycled fabric pulp.  LENZING™ provides more details.

fashionable Novelty fabric COLLECTIONS

Our fashionable novelty fabric collections are appreciated for their design and materials.  Importantly, we have a huge library of woven novelty fabrics designed by our in-house R&D and design team.  For example, our woven cotton fabric collections include fashion novelties with beautiful natural, recycled, and circular materials for casual men and women’s tops and bottoms.  Fabrics are made with GRS-certified recycled cotton, ECOVERO™ with circular REFIBRA™, traceable cotton, responsible viscose from LENZING™, linen, and blends.

Woven fabric development for custom digital printing with advanced woven manufacturing and printing