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Woven Fabric Design Concepts for Holiday 2024

Winter 2024 Woven Fabric Concepts Will Inspire You!

Inspired by the runway and modern culture, we are pleased to share our Edit for the woven fabric design trend concepts for apparel.  Our F/W ’24 library of new fabrics is available for the holiday season, sampling, and development.  

Heavy Textures: Tweed and Corduroy

Winter Corduroy Fashion trend concepts 2024
Textured Tweed Fashion Concepts Fall 2024 New Focus Textiles

Corduroy is everyone’s friend with notes of nostalgia in the wide-wale comfort and statement fabric.  The retro fabric is styled with matching separates.  Available in recycled cotton, it is totally fashionable and absolutely sustainable.

Modern colors and styling refresh classic tweeds.  These smart fabrics are ideal for bottoms, jackets, and separates.  New Focus designers are happy to help you develop CAD with tweed blanket design options. 

Flannel & Double Layer Cloth

Fall Woven Fabric Designs in Flannel Style Concept
Double Layer Cloth Woven Fabric

This year, flannel with balanced shape and geometry is presenting a perfect transition into Fall.  Cotton is the ideal fabric for your flannels for soft, adaptable comfort and styling. 

Double-layer cloth designs are a light and airy alternative to flannel for transitional temperatures.  Double layer cloths are versatile and highly breathable.  

Perfect Separates & Ethical Bottoms

Perfect Separates Fall 2024 Woven Development
Ethically Made Bottoms

Woven bottom fabrics look smart with a return of patterns like houndstooth for cooler seasons in slightly more tailored styles.  It is an excellent season to introduce recycled cotton and more textured characteristics into your bottoms programs with highly versatile options for woven garment designs and developments.cooler

Freedom of Movement & Versatile Oxfords

Freedom of movement fabrics woven

Importantly, ultra-comfortable 4-way stretch fabrics are available in a variety of flexes and finishes for personal movement and body freedom.  The fabric construction and fiber blends are smooth with a smart appearance and exceptional functionality.  


Our Freedom of Movement range of fabrics is one of our F/W 2024 highlights.  We love the appeal of comfortable cotton combined with advanced fiber technology!  Our design team has developed an entire range of trend-forward fabrics with the Freedom of Movement concept.  Functionality + Style + Comfort = Winning Concept!

Natural Look with Indigo Concept and Linen

Fall Linen Trend Woven Fabric
Drapey Indigo Woven Fabric Design Concept

Fabrics with natural and airy characteristics such as loose-fit indigo-looks and breathable natural linen are gaining popularity.  These styles are natural, affordable, casual, and effortless.  The denim style is conceptualized with lightweight, soft-touch fabrics in a variety of dye-methods, base-cloths, and fiber blends.  Linen is ideal for long, hot summers and more buyers and consumers are drawn to the idea of natural dyes and designs.

Pinstripes and Oxfords are Clean for Shirting

Timeless Fall Stripes 2024 Fresh Style for Fall
Essential woven oxford fabrics

Very clean and fine pinstripes made moves in the Fall fashion line-up.  With timeless, clean pinstripes in smooth shirting fabric, the concept is light and easy for everyday style.  Stretch blends of natural and regenerated fibers are clean options for a smooth effect in shirting fabrics.

Meanwhile, soft cotton fabric is appealing in familiar oxfords and chambray weaves for a more relaxed, yet wholesome look.  Our New Focus NF Truly Sustainable collection for Winter 2024 combines the appeal of 4-way stretch with the classic cotton oxfords we love with recycled cotton elements, colored chambrays, and functional finishing options such as easy-care and moisture-wicking.

A Bit of Shine...

Fall 2024 silky satin woven fabric
Fall 24 drapey and flattering fabrics

Lustrous fabrics with easy drape and fluidity are effortlessly chic with airy and elegant styling options for Holiday.  Lyocell and regenerated blended fibers provide various basecloth options to achieve this more formal woven fabric concept. 

Circularity Starts with Development

These above concepts and images inspired our Winter 2024 fabric collection.  The New Focus development team has an in-house fabric collection with custom engineering, sustainable fiber sourcing, and state-of-the-art design software.  Product development is the gateway to creating products with higher quality and options for circularity.  To view our woven fabric designs for Fall, please email us at and view our website.  

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