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Woven Fabric and Apparel Production in China with Renewable Energy

Woven fabric and apparel production in China with renewable energy

Fabric Production is High Energy Consumption

At New Focus Textiles, we understand the fabric manufacturing process accounts for the most significant carbon footprint along the fashion supply chain. The classically high-temperature and pressurized machine-intensive systems in fabric production require more energy per unit than the other supply chain sectors such as cotton growing, garment sewing, and transportation. For this reason, we partner with top-tier spinning, weaving, and dyeing factories which invest in solar power generation, hydroelectric power, and new electricity-compatible machinery.  We are the go-to source for sustainable woven fabric and apparel production in China because we design and develop towards renewable energy usage.  25% of our products are made using renewable energy in Wuzhou (China) at our partner factory (with monthly dyeing and printing capacities at 3.5 million yards). Our goal is to achieve 50% clean manufacturing by renewable energy sources by 2026.

Clean energy manufacturing in China

Energy Initiatives

As we move forward, we do so with a few key initiatives relating to energy for woven fabric and apparel production in China:

1) Annual review of the power sources for each of our textile manufacturing facilities in China, Vietnam, and Portugal. We will continue to share our supply chain partners’ clean energy advancements.

2) Invest in R&D at factories offering the cleanest energy inputs. The most energy efficient production facilities gain the fabric production programs from New Focus.  Renewable energy is on our radar as the most pressing area for research and development investing.  Development for woven fabric and apparel production in China excels on the global stage.  Progress and development in energy sectors is more advanced in China than any other Asian nation.  We must encourage the growth of the clean fabric and apparel production sector in China. 

3) We discuss renewable energy with our upstream partners for clear communication on carbon emissions goals for climate change.  Whenever possible, goals are shared and benchmarks are reviewed.

As a sustainable fabric manufacturer, New Focus Textiles is reaching forward to provide the most natural and sustainable fabrics.  With every development and trend season, we consider how to further reduce our resource consumption.  Our development team designs for circularity from the initial stage.  We choose the best factories with the cleanest energy from the first stage of development.   We support our manufacturing partners’ investments in renewable energy and encourage additional strides forward in clean manufacturing and development.  



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