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Vertical fabric development and production services; full service fabric production

Vertical fabric development and production services; full-service fabric Manufacturing

A full-service fabric supplier will manage all of your textile development, production, testing, logistics, and fulfilment needs.  With comprehensive services, a full-service textile manufacturer smoothly delivers your concept in finished fabric or garment form.  Many brands and corporations look for fabric manufacturers with a full range of services and capabilities.  

Woven Fabric Producer

Custom Fabric Engineering

We construct new fabrics and offer a wide range of woven base options for your sourcing consideration.  We partner with premium sources such as Lenzing Group and US Cotton to encourage the use of sustainable fibers in the first stage of fabric development.  Our most popular fibers include Cotton, Recycled Cotton, ECOVERO™, TENCEL™, newly added LENZING™ viscose made with REFIBRA™, and Linen.  

Woven Cotton Fabric Development and Design

Speed-to-Market CAD Design

Our headquarters in Hong Kong is home to fashion and fabric designers with advanced software and trend understanding.  Allow us to bring concepts to reality quickly with CAD, handloom, and digital strike-off designs.  We have invested in 3 brand new state-of-the-art Konica Minolta digital printers with advanced design options such as detailed gradiant and intricate contiguous geometric designs with 8 colors from over 72 inkjet heads on the new Nassenger 10e model printers.

Fabric Testing Water

In-House Full Laboratory

Our NF laboratory meets US buying standards and follows ASTM and AATCC guidelines for fabric testing.  We examine all fabrics for physical and chemical properties before and after washing.  Our laboratory yields reliable and accurate test results with 2 full-time technicians. 

Fabric and Garment Product Development

New Focus Laundry

Our laundry is connected to our laboratory, warehouse, and sample room.  Washing and finishing applications are applied in fabric or garment stage for trials and sample developments.  Enzymes, sand washing, extended washes, and other small-batch trials are available for our customers and internal developments.

Textile Warehouse Storage for Fabric and Apparel Development

Sample Warehouse for Immediate Use 

We manage and own a large warehouse in South China with an extensive range of New Focus Textiles in-house designs and curated exclusive fabrics from our supply chain partners.  Sample yardage is immediately available for fast product developments, testing, and washing trials. 

New Focus Garment Making Service Photo

Garment Making for Samples and Small Bulk Runs

Our in-house garment team is highly skilled in pattern-making, sewing, and trims.   We create fast garment samples and small bulk orders.  Our full-time cut and sew experts routinely handle full-service orders.     

New Focus Textiles Quality Control for Fabric Production

Internal Quality Control 

We have full-time NF production experts based in China and Vietnam.  New Focus Textiles prioritizes Quality Control within fabric and garment production.  Our QC technicians monitor speed, accuracy, and priority.   

Woven Cotton Fabric Development

New Focus Inspection

We examine fabrics carefully and remove fly-yarns by hand and create an internal scorecard and report on file for shade lots, roll length, and fabric grade must be in very good quality before transporting to garment factories.  Quality assurance is embedded in our products. 

Fulfilment and Product Services for Textiles and Apparel

Post-Production Services

We have experience with the entire process of product development.  Our garment team is capable in sample photography in a white-space, product packaging services, labels and hang tags design/ordering, and marketing materials for specific branded fibers such as Coolmax™, Lenzing™ fibers, Lycra™, and addition to Organic, GRS-Certified, and US Cotton.

Global Fulfilment Flexibility 

We export from China, Vietnam, and Portugal directly to garment factories or as finished goods shipping finished goods product fulfillments inbound for Walmart, Amazon, and other off-shore port cities.  Our global logistics team will prepare the documents and import certificates required to complete your order.

Closed Loop Garment Recycling Recycled Cotton Supplier

Take-Back Recycling

Circular-loop processes are a key component of a sustainable path forward for the textile and clothing industry.  We provide closed-loop services for pre-consumer cutting waste take-back and post-consumer garment take-back for mechanical recycling. Learn more in this video or check out our Circular Operations webpage.

We would love to help manage your textile development and production needs!

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