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Circular Fabric Development: Giordano's Support for School Garment Upcycling and Fabric Recycling in China

Giordano Supports School Garment Upcycling Initiative and Fabric Recycling in China

This month in Foshan China, Giordano participated alongside our team in an on-going school uniform circular up cycling sustainability project. Here, we had the pleasure of introducing another school to the textile recycling process and encourage students to participate in fabric circularity by donating old/worn uniforms. A huge thanks to Giordano for donating towards new GRS-recycled cotton uniform shirts! Our mission is to inspire schools and textile industry leaders to collaborate towards circular fabric development. This is the third School Uniforms Circular Upcycling sustainability project and it has been a great success having Giordano’s involvement.

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Nautical Fabric Digital Print Fabric Designs Summer 2025 woven textile production

Digital Print Fabric: Nautical Summer 2025 Designs

Captivated by the Sea with digital print nautical fabric designs. New Focus invites you to explore Nautical Summer 2025 with our custom fabric development. Your New Focus service contact will to show you our latest sustainable fabric collections and digital print fabric concepts.

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FW2025 Interstellar Inspiration woven textile manufacturing


Introducing Fall Winter FW2025 Interstellar digital print fabric design concept for woven fabrics. Depth and clarity are revealed in exciting CAD created for high-definition digital printing. Inspiration for design concepts from the world’s best designers are revealed with an array of in-house developments from our design team. Ideal for clothing and apparel fashion brand sourcing and trend direction.

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Philip Yu - Director of New Focus Textiles, Ltd.Ecovero Refibra woven fabric supplier Interview with Lenzing™

Interview with Philip Yu: LENZING™ ECOVERO™ Fabric Manufacturer

As a LENZING™ ECOVERO™ fabric manufacturer, we value the sustainable fabric benefits of responsible viscose made from natural and cellulosic material resources. Our Director, Philip Yu shares why LENZING™ ECOVERO™ REFIBRA™ fabric manufacturing has benefits for the fashion and apparel community with beautiful fabric performance and circular fabric properties.

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Circular loop fabric up-cycling with Mechanical fabric Recycling Post-Consumer Garment Recycling

Post-Consumer Garment Recycling: Garment Take-Back Program

New Focus Textiles in Hong Kong SAR China has launched the first post-consumer garment recycling uniform take-back recycling program in China. With a closed-loop system for fabric recycling and development, New Focus educates students about preserving material wastes while maintaining the value of the material fiber. New uniforms and garments were created from the recycled uniforms.

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Recycled Cotton Savings

Recycled Cotton Savings

New Focus Textiles is proud to share the published research from our mechanical recycling processes and circular take-back systems.
It has been concluded that there are environmental impact savings from the use of recycled cotton in lieu of virgin cotton.

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Fabrics for Travel

Fabrics For Travel

Reports show that consumers will continue traveling more in the coming years. To meet the travel demand, New Focus Textiles has launched an entire collection of intelligent fabrics for travel. Made with comfort and leisure in mind, performance fibers and technical textiles ensure stylish freedom of movement.

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Woven Fabric Design Concepts for Holiday 2024

Our New Focus design and development team have found the best woven fabric design concepts for Fall & Holiday 2024 for fashion and apparel brands. With sustainable fiber options and a variety of options, we engineer the best trends into your apparel fashion concepts.

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New Focus Textiles manufactures Apparel made from circular loop fabric up-cycling processes

Recycled Cotton Fabric Supply Chain Processes

Clothing brands are upgrading their product materials and supply chain processes with recycled cotton fabric and circular loop up-cycling processes. Pre-consumer fabric recycling and post-consumer garment recycling are two excellent options for implementing sustainable supply chain practices and ensuring materials are made from reliable recycled cotton materials.

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Student Uniform Circular-Loop Up-cycling. Students participate enthusiastically.

School Uniforms Circular Loop Fabric Up-Cycling

Forward-thinking high school students are participating in uniform take-back and mechanical garment recycling. New Focus Textiles supports an educational initiative to equip students with resources and materials to learn about circular systems and sustainability. As schools and business look at how they may become more sustainable, the textile industry is prepared to recycle uniforms and unwanted post-consumer garments to reduce textile wastes.

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Digital Print Fabric Manufacturer with Konica Minolta Nassenger 10 Advanced Digital Printers

Advanced Digital Print Manufacturer for Woven Fabrics: Konica Minolta Nassenger 10 Series

New Focus is a Digital Print Fabric Manufacturer with new advanced digital printers for fabrics by Konica Minolta. These new Nassenger 10 Series printers deliver high definition print quality and speed to woven fabric manufacturing. Production becomes more efficient and sustainable with reduced manufacturing costs and significantly less effluent, water, and fabric wastage without the need for long production runs and screens. With faster production and development times and enhanced quality, the fashion supply chain will recognize considerable benefits.

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Sustainable fabric manufacturer with recycled woven cotton fabrics for apparel and home textiles; GREEN fabric supplier

Sustainable Fabric Manufacturer: Recycled Woven Cotton Fabric with Circular Fabric Production

New Focus Textiles supports a GREEN business model. As sustainable fabric manufacturers with GRS-certified recycled woven cotton fabric, we operate with efficient design and circular fabric production principles. With QR code traceability and certification transparency, we encourage brands and textile businesses such as hotels, to adopt a circular-loop fabric take-back system fot their new material production. Furthermore, we invest in new machines for reduced resource consumption – such as digital printers. Recycled woven cotton fabric is our preferred fiber for implementing a circular-loop fabric upcycling process and take-back recycling efforts.

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