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School Uniforms Circular Loop Fabric Up-Cycling

Student Uniform Circular-Loop Up-cycling. Students participate enthusiastically.

Students in South China unite with New Focus Textiles to create a circular loop fabric up-cycling initiative with their school uniforms.

Student uniform take-back collection for garment recycling


The First Step: Circular Take-Back

As sustainable fabric manufacturers, it is our responsibility to support garment and textile recycling.  The first step to creating a circular loop fabric up-cycling system is consumer education and involvement. In late 2022, New Focus Textiles began an educational initiative to teach local students about fabric recycling and how to build a circular system of fabric recycling.


Students Impact the Textile Industry

Students at participating schools are taught about textile sustainability and given materials on circular garment systems. Collection boxes are provided on campus for students to donate uniforms for recycling. Now, high-school students in Guangdong, China are giving their unwanted uniform polo shirts to New Focus Textiles for mechanical recycling.

In turn, New Focus donates brand new recycled cotton uniform polos to students with greater financial needs. The uniform take-back initiative is the first truly circular loop fabric up-cycling program of its kind. With uniform take-back, students close the loop and enable circular loop fabric up-cycling and recycled textiles production. We applaud the students for their participation and impact to change!


A Solution to the Material Crisis

New Focus Textiles began researching and developing recycled pre- and post-consumer textiles in 2021. Now, as New Focus further develops the circular system for textile take-back and cotton fabric recycling, a growing opportunity exists.  Manufacturers, uniform businesses, and brands may execute meaningful closed-loop pre-consumer recycling and post-consumer take-back waste processing. Circular loop fabric up-cycling is important for textile-rich industries.  There is a huge potential for more schools and fashion companies to participate in garment recycling.

Businesses in the textile industry are searching for solutions to the issue of textile waste abundance. In China, the problem is more easily solved because the used materials are in close proximity to fabric recycling and processing facilities. Retailers and businesses in China may choose circular systems for their products for powerful ESG savings.


Growth & Development

As a consumption-based business, the fashion industry demands growth, innovation, and strong product development. Fortunately, textile solutions are available and we can help reduce material waste accumulation.  Cotton Incorporated is an excellent resource for learning more about cotton recycling and associated benefits.  

For further information about our post-consumer and uniform take-back initiatives, please reach out to our team at

Post-consumer garment recycling reduces material waste.
Circular loop fabric up-cycling conserves natural resources and utilizes waste as a resource.

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