New Focus Vertical Fabric Specialist

Full Service Means Design.Innovative Upcycling.Product Development.Rapid Sampling & Production

Fabric & Product Development

New Focus truly SHINES in fabric development with consideration to the product function with experienced technical fabric engineers and world-class in-house graphic and fashion design artists working hand-in-hand.

Sampling: Fabrics & Garments

With multiple facilities and over 20 in-house sewing artists, we create fabric and garment samples quickly. We will work with you to develop CAD mock-ups and proceed to sampling or bulk immediately so fabrics and finished goods samples meet your deliveries. and provide bulk manufacturing time-lines.


We create a smart plan and timeline for your bulk manufacturing, packaging, transporting, shipping. We export from major Eastern ports in China, Hong Kong, and Denang, Vietnam.

Our History

Facilities Development

We expanded well beyond Hong Kong to include a major operations hub in China – complete with a full laboratory that matches AATCC standards for US/EU/MAJOR buying markets, a washing room, sampling room, merchandising, warehousing, Quality Assurance, and local China market sales. Our Hong Kong office remains our primary showroom for sales, market development, and design. It is from here, our English-speaking staff will fully manage your fabric and finished goods orders with a team fluent in English, French, Korean, and Mandarin with two on-board PhD consultants and a staff of Hong Kong Polytechnic Fashion Institute graduates.

Sunset Innovation

We began 30 years ago at the sunset era of the Hong Kong textile industry – along with many other currently successful Asian brands. As manufacturing left Hong Kong, we specialised, differentiated with keen technical insight, and we focused on bringing fabric expertise through the product to the consumer’s touch.