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Post-Consumer Garment Recycling: Garment Take-Back Program

Circular loop fabric up-cycling with Mechanical fabric Recycling Post-Consumer Garment Recycling

Post-Consumer Garment recycling

New Focus Textiles has launched the first school uniform recycling initiative for “post-consumer garment take-back” with educational programs in Guangdong, China.  We believe our post-consumer garment take-back program will have a positive impact on the environment and students in China.  


Moreover, we believe young people play an essential role in making our environment better.  Importantly, involved students focus on sustainable knowledge education and contribution.  Ultimately, garment recycling programs are important to building a more sustainable future.


Students in China participate in school uniform take-back and garment recycling

Watch our video below for more details on the uniform recycling initiative:

Play Video about Circular Loop Fabric Upcycling Post-Consumer

the uniform recycling initiative: evolving for long-term success

  • Free program; free collection and promotion. Encourages students to participate in sustainability.
  • Program supports local school programs to provide circular business process involvement.
  • Keeps school uniform clothing out of landfills.
  • Removal of all name labels and personal information on uniforms
  • Sanitation
  • Traceable QR code at each stage
  • Sustainable mechanical disintegration
  • Uses recycled fibres to make new uniforms

Uniform garments

Firstly, students donate their used uniform polo shirts for garment and fiber recycling.  Before recycling, we sort the uniforms, trim the garments, and clean the fabric.  Next, a mechanical recycling and physical disintegration process breaks down the fabric into small fibers.   Lastly, virgin cotton and the recycled cotton fibers blend together in an advanced spinning process.  


The new yarn spinning yields recycled cotton blended yarns in up to 40/1 single for new textile products.  

School Uniform Recycling

Mechanical Disintegration, Sorting, and Tracking

Circular-loop fabric up-cycling; fabric and garment recycling machinery

Firstly, we create QR codes in the beginning of the process.  Specifically, supply chain tracking is essential for long-term sustainable progress and benchmarking.  With QR codes, we monitor the quantity, wastage, lead times, and other information of the garments.  Furthermore, the QR codes provide traceability.  Without a doubt, we monitor the fabric origin, quantity, and manufacturing processes.  Thus, the closed-loop process is fully traceable. 

Finished Recycled Uniforms

Finally, our recycled cotton + virgin cotton new uniform polos are ready for students and teachers.  Furthermore, our team just visited our affiliated schools in late 2023.  To illustrate the finished product, senior teaching staff and students receive new uniforms (below) made using recycled cotton produced from mechanically recycled school uniform polo shirts.  

uniform recycling Initiative: Post-Consumer Garment Take-Back Program
Students and teachers receive new uniforms from our garment recycling program

Unquestionably, we believe younger generations learn and grow through achievement and involvement.  Not only do student programs empower young sustainability action, but also their contribution has been a important in creating an upcycling example.  Join us as we continue to explore the closed-loop journey in post-consumer garments and recycled cotton textile and garment production.

upcycling garments - onward

Apart from this post, our website shares more insight about our circular operations and recycled cotton savings.  Above all, it is our duty to manufacture as sustainably as possible and share our research with the textile community.  Please, join us as we continue to explore the closed-loop journey in post-consumer garments and recycled cotton textile production.  We look forward to expanding this program and building more circular systems into retail garment and fabric production, hospitality linens, and textiles for uniform-rich businesses and schools.   

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Recycled Cotton Savings

Recycled Cotton Savings

New Focus Textiles is proud to share the published research from our mechanical recycling processes and circular take-back systems.
It has been concluded that there are environmental impact savings from the use of recycled cotton in lieu of virgin cotton.

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