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New Advancements in Fabric Development and Production Speed: Accelerating Fabric Development for Faster Time to Market

Speed to Market for Fabric Development in the Fashion Industry

Speed to market with quality

The speed to market timeline is critically important in today’s instant-access, quick-ship e-commerce universe.  Therefore, it is important to partner with a responsive fabric supplier with advanced CAD fabric software and state-of-the-art machinery for high quality, yet rapid fabric development.

challenges in traditional fabric development

Within the textile and clothing industry, the fabric development and production process can take days, weeks, or months.  New Focus Textiles manufactures with digital print machinery for faster textile innovation, fabric development, and production lead-times.  

Traditional methods and time constraints

The traditional method for development fabric requires various rounds of approvals amongst several buying/development offices.  The development T&A (Timing & Action) begins about 9-14 months prior to product launch with numerous personnel between international locations  sending artwork, fabrics, and samples via media communication and FEDEX/courier delivery.  Assuming the design concept is approved and the fabric has passed any required sample tests, the manufacturing timeline is about 6-7 weeks for large-scale fabric manufacturing.

Impact on time to market

What if digitization and high-accuracy technology minimized this time lag with new software and machinery?  The impact of fabric development speed and product time to market would be much faster and the cost of development and production would be reduced.

Innovative technologies and techniques

Fabric development accounts for a significant percentage of the total product development timeline.  However, textile technology advancements in fabric design software and digital print development and manufacturing have dramatically reduced fabric development and manufacturing lead-times.  

Advanced fabric design software

Fabric Development Quick Response yarn-dye fabric development and production timeline
Yarn-dye fabric development CAD with advanced design software for realistic fabric simulation
Fabric CAD Development Software for faster textile development and speed to market

Realistic fabric simulation with increasingly more advanced software is an important and necessary step towards faster fabric development.  We have upgraded our yarn-dyed CAD design system, which was designed and consulted on by Italian experts Mr. Maurizio Baisero and his team.  In turn, we are witnessing the time-saving advantages with upgraded features and technical construction improvements.  The new software improves the speeds of CAD development lead-time by 50%.  QueenFABRICS™ advanced yarn-dye woven CAD software will allow us to define fabric weaves, create color cards, and specify yarn details within a showroom workspace and display.  Enhanced software furthers textile innovation.

printing in textile production

Fabric Development Timeline Traditional printing vs digital print timeline speed to market

New Focus Textiles has seen bulk fabric production lead-times fall from 55 days with traditional printing to just 14 days with rapid digital print manufacturing.  The machines are legitimately faster for both small samples and large bulks while also producing more accurate and correct products.  In this way, the approval and development process has a higher chance of first-round approval and the bulk has a greater product consistency in line with brand standards and preferences.  Lastly, the enhanced technology and streamlined development yields more sustainable woven fabrics due to the significant waste savings.

Woven fabric development for custom digital printing with advanced woven manufacturing and printing

New Focus delivers digital print collections with advanced technology by Konica Minolta:

  • Incredible speed @ 1,350,000y/month capacity

  • Supreme precision with 1,024 inkjet laser nozzles; 9 colors

  • Versatile fibers & fabric: Natural & synthetic; Flannels, corduroy (>18W)

  • Dyestuff variety: Reactive, acid, disperse, and pigment dyes

  • Savings: Reduced costs and material wastes (fabric, screens, dyes).

Accelerating fabric development for rapid time to market

By now, we know high-tech machinery does play a role in production efficiency, waste reductions, and time savings for fabric design acceleration, faster sample development, and more responsive bulk fabric manufacturing.  While the fashion industry continues to advance with greater speed and accuracy for rapid response design and manufacturing, we share a responsibility to source sustainable materials* and encourage circularity within our supply chains.  Fast fashion must also be thoughtful fashion.

*natural materials, recycled cotton, and circular materials which are biodegradable

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