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FW2025 Interstellar Inspiration woven textile manufacturing

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New Focus introduces a cosmic experience for Fall Winter 2025.  Take a journey of discovery and excitement through the outer dimensions of time and space… digital print takes you there.  Our team of experienced in-house fabric designers created the FW2025 Interstellar design concept.  Designs are brought to life with state-of-the-art digital printers by Konica Minolta and beautiful fabric CADs.

Digital Print Fabric development for Interstellar and cosmic fashion design for LENZING fabric developments
Inspiration images from various websites
Interstellar Design Concept Digital Print Fabric Design Fashion Concepts
Inspiration images from various websites

Custom CAD Design Concept

We are pleased to introduce a sneak peak at our FW2025 Interstellar design concept with advanced digital print technology.  Our full range of CAD FW2025 design concepts are shared exclusively to select buyers and may be reserved for brands developing with New Focus Textiles.  (Please inquire about our full collection).


Fashion-forward brands such as HERMES™, FENDI™, and PAUL SMITH™ inspired our designs.  The stars and cosmos are graphically expressed with linear designs, shadows, constellations, and galaxy exploration.  In a time of global uncertainty and discord, the steady predictability of astronomy is calming and reassuring for FW2025 interstellar design concepts.

Custom Woven Fabric Development Digital Print Fabric Development from our Recycled Cotton Fabric
Digital Print Fabric Collections Refibra fabric collections

FW2025 Interstellar design concepts are just one of the trend directions we are exploring for Fall/Winter ’25 woven fabric design and development.  Please contact our team to view more designs and begin develop your next collection with us.  We offer seasonal trends, new collections, and custom counter-sourcing developments. 

FW2025 Interstellar Inspiration woven textile manufacturing

Konica Minolta

enhanced digtal printing

Konica Minolta Nassenger 10 series digital printers are the world’s fastest textiles printers with the most advanced inkjet capabilities.  These printers enhance our speed of design concept-to-market and bulk manufacturing.  The high speed and crystal-clear printing from 1024 print nozzles and 9 color print heads means we can offer depth, clarity and speed at a lower cost.  Say goodbye to expensive screen charges and excess fabric wastage from print runs… we welcome a cheaper, cleaner, and more sustainable print solution.  Explore the Konica Minolta website to learn more about the Nassenger 10 series.  


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