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Fabrics For Travel

Fabrics for Travel

Travel Industry Expected to Grow: Travel Clothing

Fabrics for Travel

Fabrics for Travel: Meet Demand and Exceed Expectations

Consumers are looking forward to more travel in the next few years and they will look for essential wardrobe pieces with stylishly functional clothes in fabrics for travel.  Travel is forecasted to grow amongst both mature professionals and retirees looking to combine practical business + leisure traveling.  With more consumer spending power, the demographics will invest in high-quality fabrics with recognizable fiber brand-names for reassurance and fabric perforrmace features.  Importantly, resistance fibers are strong consumer selling points as travellers plan for unexpected heat, water, and wrinkles on their journeys.  Our NF Collection “Travel with Leisure” targets smart features that resist wrinkles, spills, UV rays… and made in soft 4-way stretch fabric so travel is enjoyable and effortless.  
As more consumers plan holidays and business meetings, the global tourism forecast anticipates increased spending and shopping for travel-related items.  

Across-the-board growth in each sector for the US travel market. (Source: Grand View Research)

Enhanced Fibers and Technology

Our development team has been working on a collection of intelligent apparel fabrics for travel with enhanced active leisure performance.  Our Travel with Leisure Collection showcases fabrics designed to give freedom to move and the following benefits.  

  • Wicking and moisture protection with Coolmax
  • UV Protection with shielding properties of particular fibers and fabrics.
  • Climate-friendly cooling weaves and technology
  • Wrinkle-resistance and easy care finishes on fabrics
  • 4-way stretch fabrics for travel are ultra comfortable, yet hold a smart shape.
  • Anti-odor and bacteria-fighting properties built into fibers
  • Sustainable digital prints available on blended fibers keep style fresh and fun.
  • Sustainable fabrics made from recycled materials want to travel and see the world, too!Trav

Fabrics for Travel: Move Freely

Moving freely without worry has never felt so vital or pressing.  There is a deep, emerging desire to travel and see friends, business counterparts, and Earth’s wonders.  With the right clothes, travel becomes an adventure rather than an anxiety and consumers begin to focus on their experiences fully.  Indeed, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) predicts passengers across various sectors and global location will increase their traveling.  Therefore, New Focus has created an entire line of intentional materials made to feel good and take the worry out of ‘what to wear?’.   Travel with Leisure is a theme to continue as the seasons emerge and we expect sales for travel-related products to go up as consumers recgonzise their clothing needs during travel. 

Functional Performance on Cotton Fabrics for Travel

Fabrics for Travel
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