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As a LENZING™ woven fabric supplier, we are providing the fiber characteristics of LENZING™ regenerated cellulose fibers TENCEL™ and ECOVERO™ and introducing the newest circular fiber technology REFIBRA™, which is comprised of 20% recycled cotton textile scrap pulp.  

TENCEL™ Lyocell and ECOVERO™ viscose are both derived from all-natural, renewable, biodegradable resources and fall under the category regenerated cellulose textiles fibers.  There are subtle differences between the LENZING™ TENCEL™ and ECOVERO™ viscose fibers which are both derived from renewable wood pulp (cellulose material).  Both fibers are fully biodegradable and produced in a closed loop system that regenerates and reuses chemicals and water. 

However, the primary difference is the chemical processes to create the fibers.  TENCEL is made using an organic solvent which is easily reused and processing can keep 99% of the effluent within the fiber creation system.  ECOVERO is more chemical-intensive and does not use organic compound.  Instead, the ECOVERO is produced in a similar way to traditional viscose, but a closed-loop system prevents gasses, carbon, and toxins from being released.  While both fibers are made with closed-loop systems, they are not the same chemical processes or the same type of closed-loop system.  

LENZING™ also helps set industry benchmarks and sustainability standards.  Please click below to view full ESG reporting details and evaluations

TENCEL™ Lycocell fibers

“TENCEL™” is a brand name of Lyocell.  Lyocell is a more modern form of rayon created from cellulose wood-pulp fibres derived from dissolving wood pulp with an organic compound.  Unlike viscose, the wood pulp is dissolved using an organic solvent (Amine Oxide) for lower toxicity.

LENZING™ ensures the TENCEL™ Lyocell fibers are derived from controlled or certified wood sources.  The wood is sustainably managed and certified – harvested typically from Eucalyptus, Oak and Birch trees.  All TENCEL™ are available with FSC or PEFC certification upon request.  

LENZING™ also ensures the solvent and water used in the production process can be reused in a closed-loop system.  The closed loop production process is a resource-saving method resulting in close-to-zero wastage.  

Unique physical properties lead to their high tenacity profile, efficient moisture control, and gentleness to the skin.  TENCEL™ is know for softness, breathability, and colorfastness.


“ECOVERO™” is a brand name of viscose.  Similarly to TENCEL™ ECOVERO™ fibers are derived from certified renewable wood sources using an eco-responsible production process by meeting high environmental standards. The wood taken from nature is sourced from controlled or certified origins meeting FSC or PEFC standards.

LENZING™ ECOVERO™ fibers also use at least 50% less water and emits at least 50% less CO2 compared to generic viscose fibers, according to Higg MSI , thereby saving resources.  The primary benefit of using LENZING™ ECOVERO™ viscose is the regulation, certification, and supervision to ensure a closed-loop system for carbon, water, and chemical reductions with carefully managed wood pulp sources.

Lenzing™ EcoVero™ fiber X Refibra™ technology

As a circular REFIBRA™ fabric supplier, the innovative blend of Lenzing’s ECOVERO™ fiber with REFIBRA™ technology embraces technology and circularity.  LENZING™ maintains the eco-responsible benefits of the original ECOVERO™ viscose fiber while enhancing sustainability with REFIBRA™, which is comprised of up to 20% recycled materials.  ECOVERO™ fibers with REFIBRA™ technology consists of 20% recycled clothing scraps pulp combined with the traditional wood pulp used in ECOVERO™ and TENCEL™.

LENZING ECOVERO with REFIBRA technology circular woven fabric supplier with Refibra woven fabric supplier

ECOVERO™ with REFIBRA™ characteristics

  • Next-to-skin comfort with clean and fresh softness
  • Smooth fabric characteristics are ideal for clean prints to yield a crisp and smooth appearance
  • Fabrics are blended with cotton and recycled cotton for the natural benefits of cotton
    • Ideal for fashion brands looking to adopt LENZING™ branded quality fibers
    • ECOVERO™ Fiber with REFIBRA™ circular materials
  • Blockchain technology for supply chain traceability
  • Consistent performance above commercial standards
  • Trendy and socially responsible fabric collection created by New Focus Textiles
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digital print fabric collections with REFIBRA™

Woven Fabric with ECOVERO™ FIBER AND REFIBRA technology

In addition to being a LENZING™ fabric supplier, New Focus is a digital print fabric developer.  We believe the ECOVERO™ with REFIBRA™ technology is ideal for digital print fabric manufacturing.  The printed colors showcase brilliantly with the smooth finish and light touch of our woven ECOVERO™ with REFIBRA™ fabrics.  Take a look at the fashionable new digital print fabric collections made with circular fabrics with REFIBRA™. 

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