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2025 Trend Forum Fabrics Intertextile Shanghai: ECOVERO™ REFIBRA™ Fabric Supplier

ECOVERO™ RFIBRA™ Fabric Supplier for SS2025 Intertextile Trend Forum Circular Woven Fabrics Manufacturer

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New Focus is honored to be chosen to represent emerging SS2025 Trend Forum; presenting as an ECOVERO™ REFIBRA™ Fabric Supplier at InterTextile Shanghai.  The Trend Committee selected 12 in-house New Focus-designed woven fabrics for the Spring Summer 2025 Trend Forum presentation.  New Focus from Hong Kong/China strives forward in the realm of novelty woven fabrics for 2025 with key concepts shown below including yarn-dye fabrics with circular textiles to embrace circular ECOVERO™ and TENCEL™ fibers with REFIBRA™ technology.  We encourage blends with natural US Cotton and GRS-certified recycled cotton fibers.  The natural and circular NF Truly Sustainable™ fabric collection continuously evolves each season from the expert in-house design and development team at New Focus Textiles, Ltd.

SPRING SUMMER 2025: Turbulence
Grace | Immersive | Switch | Voices

"... an eclectic mix of self-indulgence and self-expression that embody the positivity and sensibility needed to weather the world’s TURBULENCE." 

Prominent trend forecasters from the world’s fashion capitals embody The Trend Committee’s global perspective.  The iconic trend leaders include Elementi Moda (Milan, Italy), DONEGER | TOBE (New York, USA), NELLYRODI™ Agency (Paris, France), and Sachiko Inoue (Tokyo, Japan). This is the second time the forecasters have collaborated.   This year they predict SS 2025 trends.  New Focus Textiles is honored to be selected as a Woven Apparel Fabric Supplier to showcase in the SS2025 Intertextile Shanghai Trend Forum.  Intertextile Shanghai Apparel Fabrics 6 – 8 March 2024.

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Philip Yu, Director of New Focus Textiles, shares his feedback on the quality and manufacturing benefits of weaving and developing ECOVERO™ REFIBRA™ in his company’s new fabric collections for Summer 2025.

Philip Yu Interview Lenzing™ Ecovero™ REFIBRA™ fabric producer - interview Video link
Philip Yu - Director of New Focus Textiles

Explore the most recent fashion fabric collections with circular woven fabrics such as GRS-certified recycled cotton and the new LENZING™ material blend: ECOVERO™ fibers with REFIBRA™technology.

SS2025 Trend Forum Intertextile Shanghai Apparel Woven Apparel Fabric Supplier
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