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Summer 2025 Design Concepts with Refibra™ Technology

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Summer 2025 Design Concepts

We are happy to share our Summer 2025 print trend concepts with Lenzing’s newest circular technology: REFIBRA™.  The launch of the innovative blend of LENZING™ ECOVERO™ fiber with REFIBRA™ technology displays an elegant hand-feel and fresh next-to-skin comfort.  


For this design collection, we targeted fun, color, and clarity from premium digital printing technology.  Naturally, the clean characteristic of the ECOVERO™ X REFIBRA™ fiber looks amazing in print.  The colors showcase brilliantly with a smooth finish and light touch – ideal for fashion brands looking to adopt branded Lenzing™ fibers with market appeal.  

Woven Fabric CAD Design with ECOVERO™ FIBER AND REFIBRA technology
New Focus trend design concepts woven fabric Ecovero X Refibra circular viscose woven fabric
New Focus Textiles digital print CAD fabric design for trend development
New Focus woven print design concepts for Ecovero X Refibra circular viscose woven fabric
Digital print CAD design; Digital Print Fabric Manufacturer
Nautical Trend CAD Fabric Designs for printing concepts and woven fabric development
Script and Text Attitude CAD Fabric Designs for woven fabric development on Ecovero™ X REFIBRA™ fabric
Floral Fabric CAD concepts for women's woven fabrics

Lenzing™ EcoVero™ Fibers with Refibra™ Technology

Recently, the New Focus Textile team has been developing more base-cloth design options with Lenzing™ fibers.  For Summer 2025 design concepts, our team engineered a range of fabrics with blended US Cotton (or recycled cotton) X EcoVero™ with Refibra™.  First and foremost, the production quality is stable and fabrics consistently perform above the industry standards.  In terms of fiber sustainability, Lenzing™ maintains the eco-responsible benefits of the original EcoVero™ viscose fiber while enhancing the material resource using Refibra™.  Refibra™ is comprised of up to 20% recycled fabric materials compatible with source testing.  Interestingly, the blockchain traceability of the EcoVero™ X Refibra™ fiber allows for transparent supply chain visibility.  Want a sneak peak at Fall Winter 2025?  Check out our digital print concept Interstellar Inspiration.

New Focus Textiles Hong Kong Recycled Cotton Fabric Supplier Showroom

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