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Advanced Digital Print Manufacturer for Woven Fabrics: Konica Minolta Nassenger 10 Series

Digital Print Fabric Manufacturer with Konica Minolta Nassenger 10 Advanced Digital Printers

digital print fabric manufacturer

New Focus Textiles is a digital print fabric manufacturer with production on three new state-of-the-art Konica Minolta digital fabric printers offer superior digital print manufacturing and design capabilities with lower costs and 2X faster production speeds.  The enhanced technology and streamlined development yields more sustainable woven fabrics due to the significant waste savings.

Digital Print Woven Fabric Manufacturer with Konica Minolta Nassenger 10 printers
Konica Minolta Digital Printers

Digital Print fabric manufacturing for woven textiles

New Focus Textiles leads in digital print fabric manufacturing.  Our in-house designers love generating trendy and innovative prints, CADs, and woven fabric development concepts for fashion labels and home textiles brands. We invite you to view our fashionable digital print design concepts and sustainable woven fabric collections for bulk development.  

Digital print fabric manufacturer for custom digital print fabric
Advanced Digital Printing Capabilities

enhANCED Digital Print fabric MANUFACTURING

Versatile digital printing for fabric.  The newest technology enhances print capabilities including pigment printing on a wide range of materials including natural fibers, performance fibers, recycled polyester, and synthetics.

Production Performance

With an increased capacity of 8,000 yards/day/machine output, we bring quick-response market flexibility and speed. 720,000 yards per month capacity.

Lower Manufacturing costs

With more printers and faster output, prices are reduced.  Overall costs are lower with digital printing.

faster fabric Development

Quick development process without the hand-screen strike off development. Digital printers are technically superior for swift fabric development and design approvals.


fewer wasted resources

Digital printers do not require large print screens. Superior efficiency to print reduces fabric, water, and energy wastes.  Digital printing offers more sustainable woven fabrics options.

Konica Minolta digital printers for custom digital print woven fabrics and digital print fabric manufacturing
Custom Digital Print Woven Fabrics

Digital print fabric design sourcing inquiries

With cutting-edge CAD software, we customize fabric designs for the newest printing technologies with sustainable woven fabric advancements in apparel.  Please explore our woven fabric development services.

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