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digital print fabric trend

design concept: sea of flowers

Custom Digital Print Development: Expert Guide

New Focus Textiles captures the upcoming digital print fabric trend for a truly tranquil 2025 with a Sea of Flowers.  Digital print designs offer beauty within a water colored world with our newest floral CADs available for a variety of dye-stuffs and fabric basecloths. 

Please click the flipbook below to view our digital print fabric design and development concepts

Floral Fabric CAD concepts for women's woven fabrics and design
Tranquil floral digital print by digital print CAD producers at New Focus Textiles

new Digital Print fabric design concepts

Incase you missed our recent newsletters with digital print fabric trend concepts, we invite you to view our development directions for Summer and Pre-Fall 2025 below.  Please email us to view our latest digital print fabric design CADs and trend concepts for your brand and collection.  Our sales team in Hong Kong is happy to help you begin your digital print fabric designs today!  Please email us at

Woven Fabric CAD Design with ECOVERO™ FIBER AND REFIBRA technology
New Focus trend design concepts woven fabric Ecovero X Refibra circular viscose woven fabric
New Focus Textiles digital print CAD fabric design for trend development
New Focus woven print design concepts for Ecovero X Refibra circular viscose woven fabric
Digital print CAD design; Digital Print Fabric Manufacturer
Nautical Trend CAD Fabric Designs for printing concepts and woven fabric development
Script and Text Attitude CAD Fabric Designs for woven fabric development on Ecovero™ X REFIBRA™ fabric
Floral Fabric CAD concepts for women's woven fabrics and design

the fabric development process: digital print

In addition to the various trend concepts and aesthetics, the most important aspect of digital print fabric design is the development process itself.  We created a page to help outline the process for custom print designs for fashion brands and explore the speed-to-market advantages of digital printing HERE.  

fabric production on advanced digital printers

Digital Print Fabric Manufacturer with Konica Minolta Nassenger 10 Advanced Digital Printers

What are the best printers for fabric manufacturing?  

Digital print fabric design is only as good as the printer being used in the bulk production.  As digital print fabric manufacturers, we believe the newest generation of digital printers offers superior quality, efficiency, speed, and sustainability compared with traditional printing methods.

New Focus Textiles manufactures on Konica Minolta Nassenger 10 series digital printers.  The new Nassenger printers are highly adaptable to various fabrics, textures, and dyes.  Undoubtedly, with inkjet printing, fabric manufacturers use considerably less fabric, water/effluent, and energy compared with traditional screen-printing.  Clearly, saving costs and resources while improving speed and design is a winning supply chain achievement.  We invite you to click below to learn more about digital printing on the Nassenger 10 series printers by Konica Minolta.

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