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Custom Digital Print Fabric Development: Expert Guide

Custom Digital Print Development: Expert Guide

Understanding Custom Digital Print fabric Development

New Focus Textiles knows every brand carries a unique set of values, design aesthetics, and consumer goals for their clothing collections.   For this reason, targeted quick response development and custom digital printing services are essential in the design process.  Our team is continuously analyzing market trends and developing custom fabric CADs (computer aided designs) based on individual brand styles and sourcing timelines.  Our design team recently implemented new design software for state-of-the-art fabric CAD development.  


Each print concept begins with a visual stimulant or reference concept.  Our designers interpret the artwork or concept and create similar or inspired custom digital print fabric developments for each brand and project.  




To illustrate a development concept, we draw inspiration from current leading brands' beautiful floral print designs.

Significance of Digital Print Development

Woven Cotton Fabric Development Custom Digital Print Development

"Digital print bulk production is just 2 weeks compared to 50 days for traditional print production."

Digital print development has many advantages including the significant improvement of speed-to-market in development.  Compared to the traditional 10-day screen-printing “strike-offs” development made using mini-screens and hand-printing each color layer, a digital print strike-off is ready within a day.  Bulk production with digital printing recognizes huge time savings as well.  For example, bulk production is much faster because lead-times are reduced from 50 days to just 14 days. 



Computer-led laser-jet printing with digital technology enables a development process with few human errors.  The improved time and fabric/dye/water savings translates to cheaper product development costs with fewer barriers and mistakes.  Thus, brands can customize designs at the end of the development season and move closely with the market direction in a cheaper and less wasteful development process.  For example, in designing digital print floral designs, 


Key Steps in Digital Print Development

The stages of digital print development are closely related to the product development process.  Below, fabric and product development is listed in four categories: 


  1. Market awareness and custom brand analysis:  trend research, consumer pain-point understanding, and a deep-dive into brand needs and wants.  Our market researchers study what designs might be suitable for each brand.  Below, we consider the concept of an abundant sea of flowers.
  2. A base-cloth is selected.  New Focus fabric R&D engineers have a huge library of base cloth fabrics.  Every fabric will withstand mass production and garment-making.  Commercial ISO and ASTM standards are at the forefront of their minds.  
  3. Our in-house designers (from The School of Fashion and Textiles at Hong Kong Polytechnic University) create custom digital print fabric design CADs with advanced software for each brand while adhering to brand color/size/pattern preferences.  Adjustments and revisions are fast and painless.  CADs like the example below are produced to match the target theme.  
  4. Production Quality Control (QC) ensure the development process yields a high-quality print which matches the project guidelines.  Buying offices and designers are sent strike-offs directly to save transport and logistics time.
Floral Fabric CAD concepts for women's woven fabrics and design
Floral CAD for custom digital print design; digital print developmnent on woven fabric

The Production Process

The production process for digital print bulk manufacturing is 2 weeks for all of our most popular seasonal top and bottom-weight fabrics.   With digital print production, fabrics are produced quickly and accurately.  The innovations in digital printing and advancements in digital printing technologies have enabled brands to carefully consider the market and trends and decide at the end of the development season.  The short production lead-time gives buyers and designers more time to evaluate their direction and collection to eliminate over-stock and out-of-style fabrics.

Innovations in Digital Printing technologies

Konica Minolta is one of the leading companies bringing Japanese technology and excellence to the global fabric manufacturing stage.  These advanced printers are each capable of printing 15,000y per day on a variety of fabric base cloths and textures.  Furthermore, the dye-stuff capabilities are diverse and allow pigment printing on synthetic and blended materials.  With a wider range of colors and fine-tune color layering and precision, the Konica Minolta Nassenger 10 series brings innovation to digital print fabric development.  

Konica Minolta Nassenger 10 series for digital printing on fabric and textiles
Konica Minolta Nassenger 10 series offer superior digital print fabric production and development

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